Take Away Menu

Take your taste buds on an exciting flavourful ride around the world with our all-new Home Feast menu. Our chefs have worked very hard and have come up with quirky and fun combinations of boxes like our Mamma Mia Cheese Burst Pizza with Pepperoni, peppers & olives on top of an oozing, creamy cheesy base in our double the trouble 9″ twin pizza, Full on Comfort-Classic Combos like Happy As Larry that includes a classic homemade cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, southern fried onion rings, hand-cut fries with house special sauce and mustard mayo and Munchie Mo, a Salt and pepper chicken balls, spare ribs, hand-rolled spring rolls, salt & pepper fries and hot garlic sauce that will make you come back for more. Plus don’t forget to try Stuck in the Mud, homemade desserts from our naughty but nice section.

Ohh we have more for the kids like Strawberry Red Slush Puppy, Blue Raspberry Slush Puppy, and much more in our Too Kool for Skool.

9″ TWIN PIZZA – £4.99

Breaking Bread

Cheesy and garlicky. Garlic dough balls on top of a margherita pizza with garlic mayo, parmesan & basil pesto.

Mamma Mia

Cheese Burst Pizza. Pepperoni, peppers & olives on top of an oozing, creamy cheesy base.

Veg. Option – Spiced Corn ‘N Mushroom

Pasta La Vista

Creamy pasta base topped with classic Italian meat balls and garlicky marinara sauce.

Dirty Mac

All American. Mac ‘n’ cheese base topped with homemade mini burgers, American cheese, pickles & red onions.

Southern Comfort

BBQ delight. Mac ‘n’ cheese base topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce & crunchy onions.

Veg. Option – BBQ pulled Jack Fruit

Texan Cowboy

Loaded Tex Mex. Fajitas seasoned fries base, topped with chilli beef, jalapeños & pickled pink onions.

Veg. Option – Corn and Veg. Chilli

Jammin’ Jerk

Soul goodness. Cajun fries base topped with jerk chicken, jerk & pepper sauce, spring onions and pickled red cabbage.

Smokin’ Hot

Chilli fire. Piri piri chicken, piri piri mayo on top of a base of cajun fries.

Veg. Option – Piri Piri Roasted Vegetables

Tikka Bomb

Indian classics. Onion bhaji and mango chutney base topped with chicken tikka, tikka masala sauce, red onions & poppadom crush.

Veg. Option – Paneer Tikka

Good Karma

Rich & creamy. Onion bhaji and mango chutney base. Topped with aromatic chicken, creamy korma sauce, pickled pink onions & coriander.

Veg. Option – Paneer Korma

Posh Spice

Hot kick. Lamb kebab jalfrezi, curry sauce, lime coriander chutney, tandoori mayo, on top of onion bhaji and mango chutney base.

Veg. Option – Paneer Jalfrezi

Dancing Wok

Take away favourites. Chowmein base topped with salt and pepper tossed chicken, peppers, onions & red chilli garnish.

Veg option – Salt & Pepper Tossed Vegetables

Chinese Fireworks

Sweet & sour. Chowmein base topped with sticky & sweet BBQ pork, caramelised pineapple, sesame seeds & pickled red cabbage.

Peking Babe

Hard to resist. Chowmein base topped with crispy roasted duck, hoisin sauce, spring onions & pickled red cabbage.

Lovely Jubbly

The nations favourite meat feast just got better. Italian sausage, ham, beef mince, pepperoni, paprika pulled chicken & crispy bacon.

Veggie Heaven

1/3 Margherita; 1/3 corn & mushrooms; 1/3 peppers and olives

Italian Stallion

1/3 Garlic dough balls; 1/3 pepperoni; 1/3 homemade meatballs in garlicky marinara sauce.

No Way José

¼ Mini Cheeseburgers; ¼ chilli beef and jalapeños; ¼ BBQ pulled pork; ¼ mac n’cheese.

Chicky Chicky Bang Bang

1/3 Buffalo chicken & sweetcorn; 1/3 garlic piri piri chicken;1/3 jerk chicken topped with jerk and pepper sauce.

Goodness Gracious Me

1/3 Onion bhaji & samosas; 1/3 lamb kebabs; 1/3 chicken tikka masala

Veg. Option –1/3Onion bhaji & samosas; 1/3 mixed veg. Kebab; 1/3 paneer tikka masala.

Wok on Fire

1/3 Salt and pepper chicken; 1/3 sweet and sticky BBQ pork; 1/3 crispy duck.

18″ FUNKY PIZZA – £9.99

Classic Combos £4.99

Happy As Larry
Classic homemade cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, southern fried onion rings, hand cut fries with house special sauce and mustard mayo.
Chippy Chappy

Hand battered fsh with homemade fries accompanied with mustard mayo, mushy peas and chip shop gravy.

Pita Pan

Freshly baked pita bread stuffed with Greek Souvlaki kebab, cheese, fries & chilli sauce. Accompanied with feta salad.

Beet Box

Vegan and gluten free. Vegan kebab, falafel, sumac fries, loaded couscous, chilli sauce and vegan garlic mayo.

Munchie Mo

Salt and pepper chicken balls, spare ribs, hand rolled spring rolls, salt & pepper fries and hot garlic sauce.

Cheeky Chan

Pick any two from the following which will be accompanied by curry sauce:

– Chicken Chowmein
– Veg. Chowmein
– Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles
– Egg & Chicken Fried Rice
– Mushroom & Kimchi Fried Rice

Bombay Bustle

Famous Bombay street foods, Tawa pilau rice flavoured with pav bhaji masala, Hakka noodles and street cart chilli chicken.

Veg. Option – Chilli Paneer

Ruby Murray

Crispy onion bhaji, street samosas, tangy tamarind sauce, pilau rice and a curry of your choice:

– Chicken Tika Masala
– Chicken Korma
– Lamb Kebab Jalfrezi
– Paneer Makhani
– Bombay Aloo.

Fiery Firebombs

Chicken wings with choice of two wing glazes (four pieces each), hand cut fries with house special sauce & garlic mayo

Wing Glazes
– Smoky Chipotle
– Mango Jerk
– Garlic Piri Piri
– Tandoori BBQ
– Honey Sriracha
– Soya Ginger

Cheese-pull Pizza Fries

Hand cut fries, Italian sausage, pepperoni, pizza cheese topped with oregano & chilli flakes.

Veg. Option – Italian Spiced Corn & Mushroom.

Macho Nacho Chilli Fries

Hand cut fries, chilli beef, nacho cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, pink onions & nacho crush.

Veg. Option – Veg. Chilli

BBQ Pulled Pork Fries

Hand cut fries, pulled pork, creamy cheese & BBQ sauce.

Veg. Option – BBQ Pulled Jack Fruit

Africano Piri Piri Fries

Hand cut fries, piri piri chicken, mozzarella, garlic mayo & hot sauce.

Veg. Option – Piri Piri Roasted Vegetables

Delhi Street Fries

Hand cut fries, chicken tikka tossed in chaat masala, topped with tamarind sauce, mint chutney and pickled pink onions.

Veg. Option- Paneer Tikka

Bangin’ Bangkok Fries

Hand cut fries, satay chicken, curry sauce, satay drizzle and sweet chilli sauce.

Kick Ass Korean Fries

Hand cut fries, fried crispy noodles, hot & spicy chicken, hot gochujang sauce topped with kimchi.

Dirty Saucy Fries – £4.99

Sunday Special Hot Box

Only available on Sunday 12 Noon Till 21:00 –


The Full Works
Traditional Sunday roast consisting of Roast Beef, Gammon Marinated in English mustard, Roast Chicken, Yorkshire Pudding, Onion Gravy, Roast Potato, Mash, Cauliflower Cheese, Braised Cabbage, Baby Carrots, Peas Plus Horseradish and Apple sauce
The Bangin Brunch

Full English Breakfast Consisting of Sausages, Crispy Bacon, Fried Eggs, Hash Brown, Hand Cut Fries, Toasted Bread, Fried Bread, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato and Garlic Mushroom

A Piece of cake

Comes with Eton Mess cheesecake, Salted Caramel Apple Pie, Bakewell Tart, Classic Flap Jack, Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

A Load of Waffle

Waffles topped with Nutella and Butterscotch sauce plus assortment Bars of Mars, Snickers and bounty, chocolate and Nutella Pancakes rolled into bitesize pieces, Brownies and Fresh Fruit

The Blockbuster

Sweet and Salted Popcorn, Nachos, Pick “N” Mix movie sweets Marshmallow Strawberry Skewer, Marshmallow Wafer Sandwich and Various Dips

Dessert Hot Box
(Coming Soon) – £9.99

Hand Crafted Desserts £4.99

Smart Cookie
Nine inch cookie dough base, covered in salted caramel sauce, topped with
snickers, smarties, mini chocolate eggs and pretzels.
Eye Candy

Chewy nine inch marshmallow and rice krispie base, topped with 8 different variety of sweets. This pizza style dessert is worth a look!!

Stuck in the Mud

Four homemade mud pie slabs all topped with different types of chocolate and candy.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry ice cream, milk, cheesecake, strawberry coulis, blended to make the prefect cake shake!


Chocolate ice cream, milk, homemade walnut brownies, oreo’s, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. A chocoholics heaven!

Dirty Dough

Salted caramel ice cream, banana cake, home made cookie dough and salted caramel sauce. Double the fun!

Pie in the Sky

Vanilla ice cream, milk, slice of home made apple pie, custard, a dash of cinnamon & caramel sauce. A salt and good classic!

Smooth as Velvet

Vanilla ice cream, milk, slice of red velvet cake & vanilla essence. Have your cake and drink it!

Cakeshakes – £2.99

Too Kool for Skool – Slush Puppies £0.99

Strawberry Red Slush Puppy
Blue Raspberry Slush Puppy
Strawberry Raspberry Combo Slush
Garlic Bread
Onion Bhaji & Samosa
Prawn Toast
Plain / Garlic Naan



Garlic Pizza Bread
Jalapeno Sweetcorn Garlic Bread
Kids Margarita Pizza
Chicken Nuggets
Mozzarella Sticks
Diet Coke
Cherry Coke
7 up
Dr. Pepper
Fanta Orange

99p each